DOT Work Highlights, July 6

The project has suffered a bit of a setback.

On 6/23, the grader that is needed for this project experienced mechanical failure. Parts were ordered, and the grader is fixed, but the grading and paving sequence was set back a week and a half. The contractor needs 4 workdays in a row to grade properly and pave. With the holiday occurring on a Wednesday, any finegrade work would be lost to holiday traffic. The contractor will begin finegrade on Sunday night 7/8. Finegrading of the gravel on Forest Avenue and the intersection will take place over 2 nights, and the first lift of pavement will be installed from Arlington St. up through the Woodford St. Intersection. If things go well, the contractor may be able to place the second lift also.
Once Forest Avenue and the Woodford Street intersection have been paved, Shaw Brothers will place chain link fence sections to define a safe walking area while the sidewalks are being reconstructed. Maineway Landscaping will install new curb, Shaw Brothers will do the excavation and add new gravel, AD Electric will be installing conduit for future lighting, Micheal Nappi Concrete will place the new concrete surface and Maineway Landscaping will be installing granite pavers.

This work will take place day and night, depending on how much impact is occurring for the traveling public. The current plan is to work a 200’ section of sidewalk and complete it before moving to the next section. Work should progress from Arlington St. towards Woodfords St..
Boxcutting the next section from Woodfords St. to Vannah Ave. will begin after paving the Arlington/Woodfords section.

All indications still point to railroad crossing work occurring the first or second week in August.

Heather Latham