FWC committee holds merchant meeting to address destructive tagging

How the corner looks and feels matters to those of us who live, work and visit here. With the help of 4 local business owners and concerned citizens, FWC “Clean&Safe” committee held a public meeting on Tues 8/27 to discuss how to deal with quality of life issues such as graffiti tags and other nuisance crimes in the area. Rich Bianculli, the city neighborhood prosecutor shared very helpful information about how to prevent and respond to unwanted tagging of commercial buildings and public spaces. Heather Davis and Tim Delahanty of Learning Works described the innovative graffiti removal program that is sponsored in part by the city. Mural artists Tamara Jones and Jared Goulette shared their perspectives as mural artists and how murals prevent tagging. The group also discussed the useful FixIt Portland app (also known as SeeClickFix) that you can download to your phone to notify the city of any kind of quality of life issue, including tagging.

Thank you to our business sponsors volunteers and neighbors who came to the meeting. Together we’ll keep the neighborhood cleaner and safer.

Endontics Associates

Blake Orchard Juicery

Little Woodfords

Edward Jones

Teresa Valliere