On the ground improvements - Thanks Portland!

Thank you to City of Portland (Parks and Recreation and Transportation departments) for two on the ground improvements in the area.

  • Photo on left: At the intersection of Vannah/Woodfords/Baxter there is a demonstration project to see if there is a way to make the intersection safer. The green space there is called Barrows Park, although we in the ‘hood call it Sundial Park. For those who have tried to walk or bike through this intersection to get to Baxter Boulevard, or explain it to someone driving into our neighborhood, it was a spaghetti bowl of lanes. After collecting information on traffic flow and feedback from the committee, City will decide whether to make the change permanent by squaring off the green space formally.

  • Photo on right: At Trinity Park, behind the Metro bench, Parks planted 2 beautiful Katsura trees and a picnic table. This little corner of Trinity has been bare and forlorn for the past year or so since the flowering trees there died. Now the corner looks welcoming and pleasant, a shady place to wait for the bus.

Teresa Valliere