DOT Woodfords Corner Work Highlights For 6/25

The box cut of the roadway is under way. During the week of June 25, plans are to install drainage around the corner from Forest Avenue and tie into Deering Avenue. Fine grading of the gravel on Forest Avenue and the intersection will take place over 2 nights, and the first lift of pavement will be installed from Arlington Street up through the Woodford Street intersection.

Once Forest Avenue and the Woodford Street intersection have been paved, Shaw Brothers will place chain link fence sections to define a safe walking area while the sidewalks are being reconstructed.

Maineway Landscaping will install new curb, Shaw Brothers will do the excavation and add new gravel, AD Electric will be installing conduit for future lighting, Michael Nappi Concrete will place the new concrete surface and Maineway Landscaping will be installing granite pavers. This work will take place day and night, depending on how much impact is occurring for the traveling public.

AD Electric has installed foundations for new signal and signage mast arms.

All indications point to railroad crossing work occurring the first or second week in August.

Heather Latham