Short Road Ahead: Construction Updates

Surface paving is scheduled to begin on October 7. If all goes well, it should take four nights to pave the surface, and tie in the side roads. Re-striping will occur the following Sunday and Monday nights.

Sidewalk work is progressing and will be completed off the surface pavement. 

Completion of the large planter at the Oddfellows Hall and installation of trees will begin during this next three-week phase. 

Installation of the light sculpture in front of the Oddfellows Hall will begin on or around October 22. Work on Forest Avenue should be completed by December 14.

The natural gas supplier has placed concrete in its trench on Deering Avenue, which will allow the completion of the milling and paving requested by the City. The completion date was extended with the addition of work on Deering Avenue and Revere Street. This additional work should also wrap up by December 14.

Heather Latham