FWC Spring Social: Design Your Neighborhood was a great success

Thank you to everyone who designed, hosted and presented at FWC Spring Social: Design Your Neighborhood. Herb Adams gave a history of pocket parks in Portland (like our Trinity Park), UMA school of architecture graduates presented their WC projects and then the whole crowd got to write all over the map 8 x 7.5 ft scaled map of Woodfords Corner designed by architects and neighbors Jocelyn and Patrick Boothe. We put pins in where we live, work and play around the corner and drew lines and comments all over the map - envisioning the neighborhood we want. Neighbors got to think creatively together. Watch for the announcements where the map will be displayed this summer and fall. Thank you to neighbors for the lively discussion and great ideas.

Thank you to our sponsors: Trinity Episcopal Church, WBRC Architects Engineers, Caleb Johnson Studio, Vitalius Group, Honeck OToole, Clark Insurance, and the Portland Society of Architecture. Also thank you to our food donors: Woodfords Food & Beverage, Mill Cove Baking, Big Sky Bakery, Foodie Friends, Hannaford and for our game prize Artist & Craftsman Supply.