DOT Woodfords Corner Work Highlights for 05/22/18


From MaineDOT:

Gas line service connection work has gone much slower than anticipated. Each connection requires custom fabrication and supply coordination to install properly. The next phase of the gas work will involve crossing Forest Avenue in the vicinity of Vannah Avenue and replacing the gas line under the Forest Avenue railroad crossing. This critical gas line work is anticipated to begin Sunday night, 6/3/18.

Other work anticipated for nights after 6/3/18 includes installation of new drainage on Deering Avenue. The exact start date is dependent on crew availability in conjunction with the gas work.

Once the gas work and the drainage work are complete, work will begin on the Forest Avenue roadway excavation. Excavation and placing new gravel work will begin 8:00 P.M. and will wrap up each morning by 7:00. Motorists passing through the area can expect packed gravel surfaces capped by pavement millings, which will provide a durable, rut resistant temporary surface. Dust will be controlled by the use of a water truck. Transitions to driveways and existing pavement will be facilitated by the installation of ramps. Motorists should use caution when traveling through the construction zone, reducing speed at grade transitions, which will be similar to the speed tables used throughout the city.

Heather Latham