Construction Update: What You Can Expect


Project startup was delayed a bit by some uncertain weather, but we are about to get back into the swing of things hot and heavy. Here’s what you can expect:

Night crews will begin work Sunday, March 25, at 6 pm with drainage installation on upper Woodford Street. There are 3 structures that need to be placed and approximately 100’ of pipe to complete that section. This work will likely take 3 nights to complete.

After that work is completed, crews will move up into the vicinity of 684 Forest Avenue to tie catch basins into the drainage system installed last year.

Day crews will be working on installing the gas main on Deering Avenue between Dunkin' Donuts and Big Sky. This main will take a couple days, and then they will move to the intersection of Forest and Revere to install the gas main at that location. Crews will connect buildings to the gas main, and bring that portion of the gas main on line.

Over the next couple weeks. crews will then be working on multiple areas of the project making connectiions, installing catchbasins and drainage, and other work prior to rebuilding Forest Avenue and portions of the side streets. Anticipating where they will be depends on subsurface conditions and (as always) weather.

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