Then came
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A small group of us met to discuss methods to manage communications for this new energetic group.  Over the months we'd gathered many names and numbers of folks interested in community activities and the email list was getting cumbersome.   And not everyone had the same interests; some folks are interested in proximal social/neighbor activities and others are interested in the collaboration with the city, businesses, organizations and residents of the larger Woodfords Corner area.  We decided to take two paths, creating FWC for the larger collaboration efforts surrounding the corner and we joined Nextdoor. com for local resident only communication. Nextdoor is a private, secure social network for neighbors to use.  Sort of like Facebook, but much more utilitarian and limited to your geographic neighborhood.   Turns out that those of us on my street fell into Deering Highlands area of Nextdoor.   We've been using it for months and almost 300 of our neighbors have signed up.   Check it out and see if your neighborhood is using it. 

Teresa Valliere