Municipal projects and initiatives

Woodfords Corner is a hive of activity lately. Revitalization of the area is much more than a transportation question–it's about making the corner safe, interesting, pleasant and useful to all of us who live and work here. Some projects are completed, others still in the works. Stay updated and attend the public meetings and keep our voices in the mix.     



The first 3 projects are really one large project, PWD and Woodfords Corner Public Improvement Project 


Maine Department of Transportation

 The project includes complete replacement of old infrastructure including sewer and gas lines, storm drainage, and the installation of electrical conduit for a future lighting project. After these utilities have been replaced, the roadway and sidewalks will be rebuilt, and new traffic signals will be installed.  MDOT project page and look for shedule/updates.  


Transforming Forest Avenue

St The city has a larger plan to transform Forest Avenue.   This study of Forest Avenue from Woodfords Corner to Deering Oaks was completed in 2012 and involves multiple layers of public and private initiatives.  The  Go to Transforming Forest Ave for more detail.     Go to Transforming Forest Ave for more detail.        




PWD partners with municipal and MDOT road reconstruction and combined sewer overflow (CSO) projects in WC (and everywhere).  Read about water mains and sewer overflow.   We've been drinking Sebago Lake water for more than 100 years and upgrading and maintaining the system since 1908. 



Neighborhood Byways designate local streets to provide safer, more convenient and attractive biking and walking to connect the places people live, go to school, shop, work and play. Read on...


Woodfords Corner Public Improvement Project (ongoing)

The City of Portland, the MaineDOT and their utility partners are constructing a comprehensive overhaul of the transportation and utility systems within the Woodfords Corner intersection.  While there are many players, there is a serious effort by city planning department to revitalize the corner and make it a hub for the neighborhood.  See the plans here for WC.  

WC Light scupture.jpg

Luminous ARBOR

There will be a light sculpture as a centerpiece on a small plaza outside the Oddfellows Building.  See the plans here. 

Comprehensive PLan and LAND USE Codes

City Planning department is hosting community conversations about the new Comp Plan and Land Use regulations (codes).  Please attend one of these public meetings and consider how changes to the land use codes can help our efforts to revitalize the corner.   Here is list of upcoming meetings.



The Forest Avenue all the way to Broadway corridor is the transportation backbone of the region. The study corridor, however, must be understood not only as a though-route, but as a neighborhood main street providing access to nearby residences, businesses, educational and medical institutions, and parks.  Read on and comment.